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The story of Duende

Our Villa is called Duende, but what does it mean? Duende is on of those impossible to translate words, that relates to the "state of bliss or spell" that a (flamenco) artist comes in during a perfor-mance. It has something magical, just like our villa.

If you want to withness the Duende for yourself, go to a flamenco show in Granada, were the culteral heart of the Gypsys is to be found in the Sacromonte area.





Swimmingpool and Sun Terrace

The Swimmingpool is just the right size to cool off in Hot weather. The green and beige mosaic tiles and the kidney shaped form give it a lovely apperance.

Next to the pool there is a large terrace, with 8 sunlougers. Relax to the sothing sounds of the cascade in the rock garden !

Views to the Sea & Village of Salobrena

There are unobstructed view to the Mediterenian sea, just 1 km below the hill. The circles in the sea are fishing nets, where dolphins like to play.

View to the Historical City of Salobrena, overlooked by the castle up the hill.The beaches are next to the modern part of Salobrna.

Terrace off main Living Area

Another great aspect of the villa is the seamless integration between inside and outside. This home is perfect for year round outdoor living. The sliding glass doors of the lounge slide into the wall so there is a 3 meter wide opening that joins to the spectacular porch with its retractable sun awning making it perfect for both summer and winter.

There are terraces off of the bedrooms as well. One of the terraces even has a bed with a fan overhead, which is just wonderful for siestas on long summer days.

Covered terrace

The large terrace is ideal for all fresco dining, with comfortable seating and a large table.

A professional gas barbeque is available.

Outside kitchen + BBQ

There is an outdoor kitchen area, with sink and refigerator.

A professional gas barbeque is available.


The Villa is so seclused that its hard to picture the outside properly. Here there is a view of the main entrance, with the outside wall on the right side.

Garden with hammock

You can find relaxing spots everywhere in the garden. Just immagine that you are softly rocking in this hammock...

The plot size is 1500 m, with a sea view of 150 m.

Vegetable Garden

There is a vegetable garden, of which our gardner will gladly provide you with fresh salads and tomatoes, ...