The story of Duende

Our Villa is called Duende, but what does it mean? Duende is on of those impossible to translate words, that relates to the "state of bliss or spell" that a (flamenco) artist comes in during a perfor-mance. It has something magical, just like our villa.

If you want to withness the Duende for yourself, go to a flamenco show in Granada, were the culteral heart of the Gypsys is to be found in the Sacromonte area.

Salobrena - Beaches

The beach near the new part of Salobrena consists of grey sand and is not overcrowed.*
El Penon, the big rock, divides the beach in 2 parts.*
La Guardia beach, with the backdrop of the Castillo and the moutains further inland.
There are good fishing spts to be found as well... just look for the locals !*

*Pictures: Copyright: Turismo de Granada